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IV Vitamin Therapy Clinic Consent to Treatment

Intravenous (IV) therapy as used in this office is a means to deliver nutrient substances, and other medications, to your body while avoiding the digestive process. This is helpful in many cases where patients are depleted of certain nutrients, or when the substance can have more medicinal value through the IV route.

Most patients have no adverse effects on the type of IV therapy we offer.

Some common effects that may come and go but are generally safe MAY be:

•  A warm/tired or relaxed feeling from the minerals in the IV

•  Slight to moderate lightheadedness

•  Short term blood sugar changes

•  Discomfort at the IV site during or after the treatment

•  Thirst

•  Nausea

These effects are best dealt with as they arise, and we will give you specific instructions to help avoid or shorten them. It is your responsibility to inform us immediately if you feel any discomfort or sensation that is unusual.


Infiltration of the IV (the fluid leaking out of the vein and into the surrounding tissues) is an occasional occurrence in all IV therapy. It can cause pain, swelling, and bruising on occasion. This is rare in our office practice as the IV time is relatively short (as compared with IV duration in the hospital setting). If this occurs we will treat it as necessary. The effects of infiltration can be uncomfortable but do go away. If you notice pain, swelling or bruising around your IV site please let us know. Immediately apply ice as well.


Similarly to infiltration, the vein may become sore or slightly swollen or warm after an IV. This is typically irritating but not dangerous, and the vein may feel firm for one to five weeks.


Notify us of this immediately as well.


Although materials injected in this clinic are generally safe and well-tolerated by the body it is important for you to understand that all injections may cause very rare but potentially serious or even life-threatening reactions. We will and do take necessary precautions to avoid serious complications – but you need to know that they exist, however rare the risk may be.



IV Vitamin Therapy Clinic Consent to Treatment

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